That's the way we call our hardcore fans who follow us and support Locomuerte all over the world.
What does it mean to be part of La Brigada? What do you have to do? It's simple! All you can do at your level to help Locomuerte to become known to as many people as possible! You can use social networks to broadcast band news, share events, concert schedules, clips, albums. Ask your friends to like our Facebook page and videos on Youtube, send them our merchandising site weblink. You can talk about us to gigs and festivals organizers you know. You can distribute Locomuerte stickers when you go to other bands gigs etc... Are you creative? You have other ideas to make Locomuerte known into your barrio? This is Perfect! Don't hesitate to let us know!
What's the benefit for you? You'll be part of La Brigada de los Muertos, and that's the top class! But above all, Locomuerte will take good care of you!
As a welcome gift, you will get a collector t-shirt only for active members of La Brigada De Los Muertos.
You will have access to a preview of all the group's news.
You will receive promotional codes by email to get preferential prices on the merch of our online store.
Dedicated goodies as soon as you've done something revered.
Invitations to Locomuerte's concerts that you will have contributed to book.
If you want to join the Brigada de los Muertos and help us to make the group known? Please contact us at this address